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How to setup SolarWinds alerts, intelligently

Part 1 in our "Unlocking the power of SolarWinds" series

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Calendar iconRecorded on 5th July 2018 | Duration: 45 minutes

Learn about...

  • How to fine tune alerts to minimise ‘noise’
  • How to create dependencies to locate service outages faster
  • Why mailing distribution lists are so important
  • How to alert on highly available infrastructure landscapes
  • How to identify critical incidents which require urgent attention and prioritisation

Webinar: How to setup SolarWinds alerts

Avoid drowning in alerts.

Quickly pin-point the root cause of critical issues, avoid over-monitoring, and get the most out of SolarWinds by tuning and prioritising alerts in our expert webinar – from the UK’s leading SolarWinds authority.

We take a look at how to create and transform your SolarWinds platform into a more effective, streamlined management tool that only alerts your IT team when there is a serious issue and lets your engineers know where to look first.

Guest Speaker - Deklan Van De Laarschot, Technical Director - Comtact Ltd.

Deklan Van De Laarschot

With 10+ years’ experience in supporting mission critical enterprise networks, Deklan has a unique understanding of managing SolarWinds across complex IT infrastructures, driving commercial business benefits and operational excellence, turning SolarWinds from an alerting platform into a business performance monitoring tool.


“SolarWinds' IT monitoring platform is hugely capable, with the ability to help generate revenue by ensuring the availability of critical business services. But the volume of alerts generated can quickly overwhelm organisations, making it difficult to identify which alerts genuinely require attention and what is a distracting noise.”

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