A vulnerability scan uses a suite of tools to scan and probe your IT estate for known vulnerabilities, representing a highly impactful first step to make your organisation considerably less attractive to hackers in a matter of days.

Visibility across your organisation's IT infrastructure is the best defence against a cyber-attack.

Comtact’s expert assessment provides a comprehensive and detailed snapshot of your IT infrastructure, highlighting your exposure to known vulnerabilities, closing the door to attacks from ransomware and other malware, and can even unearth evidence of previously undetected malicious activity. Do you know if you’ve been hacked?

Quickly expose the vulnerabilities across your network.

Uncover security gaps and get the critical fixes you need.

74% of scans uncover critical vulnerabilities.

Risk-based report with prioritised actions

Once we've identified your vulnerabilities, you’ll receive expert recommendation and remediation advice in an easy to digest report with prioritised actions based on risk to emphasise the most effective and efficient course of action.


What’s involved in a vulnerability scan?

External vulnerability scans look for vulnerabilities at your network perimeter, such as open ports, or unprotected connections – from the outside looking in.

Internal vulnerability scans look for network vulnerabilities locally, such as required software patches, or incomplete roll-out of security solutions – looking from within.

Benchmark for future improvement

A comprehensive assessment provides a benchmark for future improvements. As part of a sustained programme, frequent assessments can help organisations keep track of security-related improvements and assist with compliance and accreditation requirements, such as Cyber Essentials or GDPR.

Getting the report back was very quick - to understand where our vulnerabilities were.

Comtact alerted us very quickly of one critical vulnerability we had and had it remediated within 15 minutes.

Justin de Valley, Director of IT Elysium Healthcare


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