SolarWinds Optimisation & Improvement Service Guide

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SolarWinds Optimisation & Improvement Service Guide

No one else knows SolarWinds like Comtact

Comtact's SolarWinds optimisation and improvement service guide provides real insight and best practice to unlock the full potential of SolarWinds' formidable IT monitoring platform.

  • Avoid over-monitoring and 'alert fatigue'.
  • Eliminate false-positives - wasting time chasing shadows.
  • Identify critical alerts - with threshold tuning, dependencies and groupings.
  • Executive dashboards - for visibility of critical business services.

5-step improvement programme:

  • 1. Discover
  • 2. Review
  • 3. Recommend
  • 4. Improve
  • 5. Optimise

Covering: Modules & versions; Alerting; Dashboards design; Account limitations; Dependencies; Groupings; Application template usage.

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