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"Cyber criminals are operating at scale; If you're the weakest member of the herd, you're likely to be taken down first."
Security Bytes bring you all the latest cyber security know-how in bite sized chunks.

"Cyber security user awareness training"

Did you know your employees are the weakest link in your cyber security?

Discover the importance of training your end users, ensure they know how to avoid phishing emails and other dangers [ more » ]

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With targeted ransomware attacks, the cyber criminals really go out of their way to ensure their actions have the maximum impact on the victim, leaving the business with no choice but to pay the ransom.

Joe Bertnick
CTO, Comtact Ltd.

"Ransomware: Dealing with the challenges"

Is your organisation prepared to deal with the consequences of a ransomware attack?

A ransomware attack doesn't just cost you the loss of sensitive data, you also need to consider the financial affect it carries...

"The Importance of the CIA Triad"

The CIA Triad is a model designed to guide an organisation's policies on information security.

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability are fundamental elements of any security strategy.
Joe breaks down each element and explains how it can improve your overall cyber security.

"Identify and prioritise cyber security threats"

It is difficult to know where to begin when it comes to information security. What do you put first?

In order to improve your overall cyber security, there are some critical threats to consider when it comes to assessing your level of risk.

"How much of your IT budget to invest on cyber security"

Don't wait until it's too late to allocate enough of your budget on cyber security...

7-10% of your IT budget should be allocated toward cyber security (Forrester). Are you too far behind the curve?

CIO Guide to Cyber Security Improvement

CIO's Guide to Cyber Security Improvement

OUR MOST POPULAR GUIDE: 30 pages packed full of expert tips and advice.

LEARN how to build a board-level strategy to measurably improve your cyber security.

IDENTIFY your likely attackers – and your overall risk profile.

DISCOVER how to prioritise identified risks - and build an effective improvement plan.


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Threat Intelligence

Keep up to date with the latest critical security advisories.

Real life cyber stories

We're bringing to life stories of real-life cyber attacks...

Phishing statistics 2019

Phishing emails are the most successful type of cyber attack...

The top CIS critical security controls

What are the top 20 critical security controls?

The CIS top 20 critical security controls provide an effective framework to develop your security and defend against the most prevalent types cyber attack.

Types of penetration test - What's the difference?

Types of penetration test

What are the different types? It's important to know the differences to understand which type meets your requirements. and objectives.

What is SIEM? How does SIEM work?

What is SIEM? (part 1 of 3)

SIEM (or Security Incident and Event Management) seeks to provide a holistic approach to an organisation's security monitoring.


8 common types of cyber attack

8 most common cyber attacks

While malware and phishing are fairly familiar terms, the mechanics of these types of cyber attacks are less known.

SOC team roles & responsibilities in a Security Operations Centre

SOC roles & responsibilities

Within a Security Operations Centre (SOC), teams work 24/7 to keep an Enterprise's digital assets secure. They’re both the front-line and the strategic command centre.

Guide to social engineering

Guide to social engineering

Humans are the weakest link in your security defences and cyber criminals know it - which is why 90% of successful cyber attacks start with a phishing email.


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Mid-sized firms at significant threat of targeted ransomware, warns NCSC.

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