Accurately measure and improve your level of human-based risk with a programme of simulated phishing emails & user awareness training.

91% of successful attacks start with a phishing email.

Humans are the weakest link in your defences - and attackers know it.

Reduce your likelihood of cyber attacks via phishing (and other types of social engineering) with a highly impactful programme of simulated phishing emails and cyber security awareness training.


Reduce the likelihood of attack via phishing


Tailored emails simulate 'real' attacks


Gain visibility of your most phish-prone users


Extensive library of training content


Show improvements with granular reporting

Specialist cyber security & SOC services for complete peace of mind.

1st and 2nd-line support - 24x7x365

Operating 24/7, we've built our reputation helping the UK's leading organisations leverage technology, providing the expertise and support services to accelerate change - and intelligently scale your internal resources.

Measurably reduce likelihood of users clicking on phishing emails

Phishing emails are rife - the no. 1 method of attack. But testing users with phishing emails and managing an on-going Security Awareness Training programme is time-consuming, plus requires an extensive library of training materials, phishing templates etc.

Highly impactful programme. Reduce your biggest security risk.

Which users are most likely to click on phishing emails?

Who are the repeat offenders?

How much impact has the training programme had?

Phish your users

1. Phish your users

A central record of activity on all training campaigns delivered, with granular reporting on all employees over time.

Train your users

2. Train your users

Utilising an extensive library of interactive and engaging Security Awareness Training content, view and track who has started and completed the training.

3. See the results

3. See the results

Who clicked? Who entered login credentials and passwords? Identify your most phish-prone users and demonstrate a reduction over time.

'Real-world' simulated phishing attacks. Real results.

A structured programme of improvement to measurably reduce users' susceptibility to phishing attacks. Expertly-crafted phishing, spear-phishing and social engineering campaigns customised to your business environment.


Programme overview

Enterprise reporting provides deep insight into user activity to identify individuals requiring further training, while tracking measurable improvements across the organisation, over time.

  • Monthly simulated phishing attacks, themed by user group/department/language.
  • Monthly training ‘after failure’.
  • Quarterly cyber awareness training programmes, including interactive games and educational videos.
  • Monthly new starter training programmes.

Improved security

Quantifiable results demonstrate ROI.

Tailored programmes

Delivered by experienced security pros.

Managed services

Self-managed, or fully managed, working in trusted partnership.


Proven approach + Leading training platform = Best outcomes.

Simple compliance

Simple production of documentation for compliance purposes.

On-going cyber security user awareness

Utilising best-of-breed phishing simulation technologies, Comtact Ltd. works with many of the UK's leading organisations to develop a culture of cyber awareness - helping to build more resilient and secure organisations.

  • Highly impactful and low cost per user
  • Interactive web-based training
  • Benchmark users' susceptibility to phishing
  • Tailored cyber awareness education programme
Cyber Security Awareness Training
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