A hacker only needs one open door to get in.

Sometimes confused with a vulnerability scan, a penetration test (or ‘pen test’) involves trying to compromise your organisation by penetrating your defences and executing malicious intent - as in the ‘real world’.

An effective penetration test involves a reconnaissance phase to identifying possible entry points (both virtual and physical), gathering information about the target before the test before attempting to break in, and executing the ‘hack.’ It is one thing to identify an open door, but you still need to exploit the vulnerability.

What is a penetration test?

A penetration test uses the methods a hacker would use to compromise your organisation.


What is a vulnerability scan?

A vulnerability scan uses a suite of tools to scan and probe your IT estate for known vulnerabilities.


Prepare your defences then test them.

If you do not have an on-going security assessment programme in place, a penetration test will always be hugely successful. Only after you’ve assessed and prepared your defences should you test them out.

A penetration test not only identifies vulnerabilities - highlighting a single point of weakness in your defences - but it also aims to highlight potential business risks, helping the organisation understand which mitigation and remediation actions are required to enhance their security posture.

A hacker only needs one open door to get in. Give your security defences the ultimate test.


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