Deliver a great user experience for the ‘Always On’ customer.

24/7 business monitoring, ISO27001-accredited NOC.

Delivering the ‘Always On’ IT experience demanded by today’s connected users is no longer desirable – it is essential to avoid critical business losses due to service interruption. However, few organisations are able to make the significant investments necessary to ensure resilient, ‘Always On’ business services, supported 24/7.

This is where taking a Network Operations Centre (NOC) approach comes in, proactively managing your IT infrastructure, providing visibility of the status of your IT estate, while facilitating a real-time 24x7x365 response – offering the only guaranteed way to ensure service uptime – and ensure business availability.

Eliminate downtime

Eliminate downtime, & safeguard critical IT

IT support

Free-up IT resource & unlock your capabilities


Monitored, managed & supported 24/7

Build your own ‘Always On’ virtual NOC – at a fraction of the cost

Few organisations possess sufficient critical mass to employ full-time IT monitoring experts, with 24x7x365 NOC support. Comtact’s state-of-the-art NOC powers and empowers many of the UK’s leading organisations, helping build your own ‘Always On’ NOC culture at the fraction of the cost and without the risk.

Comtact’s people, processes and technology support your organisation as much, or as little as you need – to meet your overall service objectives.

State-of-the-art NOC.

Located in the heart of Comtact HQ, Comtact’s ISO27001-accredited NOC is run by our large in-house team of Certified Professionals, providing 1st and 2nd line support to clients - day and night.

High Security

24x7 Monitoring & Response

Expert Support

5 key principles of effective IT network monitoring

You don’t need to be an Amazon, or Google to reap the benefits of establishing a Network Operations Centre culture in your own organisation. By defining the correct dependencies, rules, alerts, escalation processes and automations, we ensure maximum IT service availability – avoiding critical business losses.

Comtact’s expert guide outlines the effective IT network monitoring principles, to help eliminate downtime and improve user experience - without the need to double your resource.

5 key principles of IT network monitoring guide V1

Deklan Van De Laarschot,
Technical Director

Deklan is just one of our SolarWinds-Certified Professionals (SCP), with a wealth of experience deploying, managing, and supporting mission critical networks.

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Deklan Van De Laarschot, Technical Director


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