Secure your mobile workforce – today and tomorrow

Effective management and security of remote and mobile workers poses one of the greatest challenges for enterprises, with rapid technological change, increased cyber threats – as well as increased data security requirements.

Operating 24/7, Comtact Ltd. works with the UK’s leading organisations to manage and secure their mobile workforce.

Simplify and solve your mobility management & security.

Dedicated 1st and 2nd line support

Comtact’s dedicated team of specialists work in collaboration to simplify your mobile security and operational requirements – safe in the knowledge you are supported - 24x7x365.

Unifying mobility management & security

Outsourcing Mobility Management

End-to-End Mobility Management

Simplify and solve your challenges, extend your capabilities and discover new way to enable mobile technology.

Simplify complexity icon

Simplify Complexity

A single supplier dramatically simplifies complexity – whether tariffs, security, user management, new/lost/stolen devices...

Life-Cycle Inventory Management

Life-Cycle Inventory Management

From hardware procurement and provisioning to tariff and expense management - we take care of the logistics.

Mobile Security & Compliance

Mobile Security & Compliance

Proactively safeguard your corporate data, including employee-owned (BYOD) devices.

Policy Management

Policy Management

We work to define & manage your mobile user policy and maintain security & data compliance.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

With the rise and rise of BYOD, how do you safeguard corporate data and secure sensitive files?

Dedicated Support – 24x7x365

Dedicated Support – 24x7x365

Lost your phone? No problem. Day and night, we support your mobile workforce, operating 24x7x365 from our Tier 3 UK data centre.

Get the advantage of Enterprise mobility management

In a mobile-first world, Comtact’s expert capabilities lets you respond faster, frees up internal resource, plus unlocks big efficiency & productivity gains to put your mobile workforce to work.

Working in collaboration with internal teams, all solutions are tailored to individual requirements, building a roadmap for help face today and tomorrow’s challenges.

Enhanced agility & productivity

Respond faster to change

Simplify complexity

Free-up internal resource

Personalised expertise and support


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