Fileless Malware:  Adversaries Quick Win

› How to solve the problem of Fileless Malware

Cyber criminals are increasingly turning to fileless malware as a highly effective alternative form of attack.   Today, this makes it far more difficult for traditional antivirus (AV) to detect or prevent adversaries compromising endpoints because of the low footprint and the absence of files to scan.

Speech marksFileless malware is any malicious code that does not require using an executable file on the endpoint's file system besides those that are already there.  

Discover how next-generation endpoint protection (EPP) looks at the behaviour of processes executing on the endpoint rather than inspecting the files on the machine - once a malicious pattern is identified and scored, it triggers an immediate set of responses ending the attack before it begins.


Learn about:

  • What makes fileless malware so compelling to a cyber criminal
  • Why traditional antivirus security fails
  • Understanding the importance of a behavioral approach rather than simply the identification of files
  • Next-generation endpoint protection as an effective solution to detect and prevent fileless malware and zero-day attacks  

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