How to build a 24/7 NOC culture

Discover how to establish your own Network Operations Centre (NOC) culture that maximises up-time, resilience and user experience in today's 24/7 world.

Many organisations recognise the potential of a dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC), however it's not essential to invest in expensive equipment and state-of-the-art physical resources to achieve your own NOC approach.

Speech marksComtact's team have been instrumental in helping us shape our NOC culture - ensuring we're able to react much more quickly when issues arise.

Gary Bayliss| Head of Service Management, Plymouth University

9 step guide how to build a NOC culture

Learn about:

  • How to develop an 'Always On' user experience.
  • The benefits and foundations to creating a NOC culture.
  • Practical steps to establishing the right active monitoring to drive network performance and avoids downtime.