Next Generation Endpoint Protection (EPP)

› A guide to EPP as an antivirus replacement

Today, there is a fundamental problem with antivirus (AV), with hackers able to use masking techniques to bypass security software, leaving the server or laptop once again the victim of an attack.

Speech marksOne new zero-day attack is discovered each week - together with almost 1 million new malware variants.

Antivirus has been around now for 25 years, yet has not innovated to protect against attacks that use unknown and file-less threat techniques. In addition, antivirus causes CPU spikes, hogging bandwidth with updates, frustrating users.

eBook: Endpoint Protection Buyers Guide

Learn about:

  • Attack masking techniques.
  • Where traditional antivirus security fails.
  • Evaluating next generation endpoint protection vendors.
  • Next generation endpoint protection as an antivirus replacement.

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