A comprehensive assessment, providing strategic Cloud Security recommendations to help you understand and address your Cloud Security risks.

Assess & secure your end-to-end cloud environment

Because the cloud is not secure by default. Comtact's cloud security assessment probes for misconfigurations or non-standard deployments in your end-to-end cloud environment.

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Benchmark cloud security

Benchmark analysis of the design, configuration & security of your cloud environment against best practice recommendations.

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Actionable intelligence

Up-to-date guidance on technical vulnerabilities with actionable steps to ensure a 'secure by design' & compliant cloud infrastructure.

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Report & recommendations

Detailed risk-based report, together with actionable recommendations & guidance on the steps to remediate discovered issues.

Cloud-first - security first

Cloud-first strategies have become the key enabler for rapid, transformational change. Yet the ever-increasing complexity of cloud-first, mobile-enable technologies lies at the heart of today's increased cyber security risks.

Cloud environments require continuous evaluation together with effective governance to ensure implementation of best practice cloud security strategies.

Comtact's cloud security assessment provides a comprehensive risk assessment of your cloud environment, in a high-level format suitable for non-technical Directors, together with a detailed technical breakdown of the steps required for remediation.

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Comtact's cloud security assessments leverage expert evaluations to discover vulnerabilities across you cloud environment.

  • Comprehensive assessment utilising robust methodologies, with automated tools for scalability.
  • Examination of the available Cloud Service Provider security controls and their effective use by your organisation.
  • Analysis of policies, implemented controls, security gaps, as well as user behavior across your cloud environment.
  • Actionable risk-based report with expert guidance & tips.

SAMPLE cloud-readiness assessment report

  • Understand existing application architecture, tiers & resources.
  • Analysis of application workloads & cloud service models.
  • Detailed cost analysis & total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Best fit deployment models with prioritised roadmap for cloud migration.
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