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What is IBM Watson Advisor doing to advance MDM?

Mobile and tablet devices have changed the way we approach our work today.  Their continuous expansion in capabilities and the consumerisation of their technology – whether they’re company-owned or with the trend towards employee-owned BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to access the corporate network – also means a rise in security threats across an organisation, as well as the on-going challenges of managing a large mobile estate.

These security threats and cyber-attacks are evolving rapidly making MDM (Mobile Device Management) not only a management requirement, but an enterprise necessity in keeping your organisation safe at all times - and on an on-going basis.


Watson Advisor AI advancement in mobile device management

Conventional MDM solutions are often managed by multiple consoles and can be time-consuming and ineffective and for this reason it’s no surprise that global IT leaders are turning towards IBM’s MaaS360 mobile device management platform.

Simplifying mobile device management

As an integrated cloud platform, MassS360 has simplified enterprise mobile device management, providing deployment, visibility and control across smartphones, tablets, laptops and IoT devices. With a centralised policy, control across multiple platforms (iOS, macOS, Android, Microsoft and Windows PC) and a single dashboard view of your entire mobile estate, MaaS360 provides a powerful answer to dramatically simplify enterprise device management and security headaches.

What is IBM's Watson Advisor?

IBM has put the full weight of their acclaimed ‘Watson’ AI supercomputer to power MaaS360, providing the ability to continuously and intelligently analyse mobile devices, recommend policies and security patches, solve complex security threats and simplify mobile device management – across your entire enterprise.   

  • Traditional analysis methods rely on structured data to provide intelligence - Watson is a breakthrough computing system, reading and analysing unstructured natural human language, to provide answers to complex questions.
  • IBM developed the Watson AI supercomputer to intelligently simplify the rising flood of data and transform how computers and devices help people accomplish tasks in business, communities and their personal lives.
  • Watson first made headlines in 2001 when it won the US quiz show Jeopardy! This was the first time that AI really came into the public consciousness when Watson beat humans in a head-to-head competition on the TV quiz show!

Watson applications across society & business

IBM's Watson capabilities have rapidly grown to include a wide range of AI application, across a diverse range of application, examples of which include:

  • A doctor can read about a half dozen medical research papers in a month, whereas Watson can read a half million in about 15 seconds. From this, Watson can suggest diagnoses and the course of treatment
  • Watson has also been trained on Cancer care – reviewing research, test results, even doctors’ and nurses’ notes to discover patterns in how the diseases develop and what treatments work best.
  • And continuing the medical theme, Watson is helping scientists identify the genetic profiles which respond to drug samples, without side-effects.
  • Watson created the first AI-made film trailer for 20th Century Fox by analysing more than 100 horror film trailers, shortening the process from around 10-30 days to only 24 hours.
  • With the rise in cybercrime and the associated cyber security challenges, Watson is used to analyse security data, spot trends and uncovers new threats.

What does Watson mean for Mobile Device Management

Segment your roll-out into manageable deployments, by site or department. It is good practice to use the initial deployment as a trial, allowing you to iron out any issues you encounter.

1.  Self-discovery of security threats

MaaS360 with Watson features IBM’s X-Force Exchange, a cloud-based threat intelligence source, to keep you ahead of the ever-changing cyber threats. Watson identifies any malware-infected mobile devices, as well as the necessary course of action to isolate and remediate the security threat – remotely. Watson will also highlight suspect activity, or compliance issues on devices – especially important with the introduction of GDPR.

2.  Slashing managment time with intelligent analytics

Watson Advisor for MaaS360 delivers unprecedented insights, with actionable recommendations and remediation steps. With Watson, you can view the devices requiring critical security updates to firmware or apps – then action these updates with a click, saving hours of research and analysis.

3.  Efficiency improvement for mobile enterprises

Alternative solutions lack the ability to easily discover and prioritise the actions that have the most meaningful impact on your organisation. With MaaS360, quick fix or detailed step by step instructions are provided by Watson Advisor to ensure you can continually improve efficiencies across your enterprise and ensure you continually get the most from your MDM platform.

4.  Keeping pace with ever-changing requirements

IBM’s MaaS360 with Watson Advisor is built for both today and tomorrow’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment – and is the only solution available that intelligently secures and manage endpoints, end users and everything in between - all delivered from a single best-in-class cloud platform. 

IBM MaaSS360 with Watson Advisor crea tes a valuable, trusted advisor and partner in the digital transformation of your business – today and tomorrow.

As the UK's leading IBM MaaS360 specialist, Comtact Ltd. works with the UK's leading organisations to help secure their mobile workforce - 24x7x365.

Deploying an Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform is the first and most important step towards taking control of your mobile device security. Learn from the experts and download our guide to best practice deployment of a mobile device management (MDM) platform, or why not sign-up for a FREE 30-day MaaS360 trial?

Guide to BYOD security and Mobile Device Management (MDM) deployment

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