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Know your enemy: What motivates a cyber criminal?

By Comtact October 28, 2019

Cyber crime is increasing at a staggering rate. The number of attacks worldwide each year is..

Hacker personas: Inside the mind of a cyber criminal

By Comtact October 14, 2019

Do you know who would be most likely to hack your information system?  It’s quite possible..

The Rise of Spear Phishing Attacks

By Comtact September 24, 2019

Today, most individuals and organisations are familiar with what phishing attacks are and the..

Red Teaming: How can it save your business?

By Comtact August 20, 2019

Do you dare to deliberately have your security defences attacked?

Red Teaming is a concept that..

Phishing Statistics 2019 - The Shocking Truth

By Comtact August 7, 2019

Many organisations saw a shocking increase in social engineering throughout 2018, phishing..

TOP TIPS: How to protect against social engineering

By Comtact July 16, 2019

Social engineering is sometimes described as hacking the human mind. It doesn’t require a lot of..

Human Hacking: A guide to social engineering

By Comtact June 25, 2019

It turns out you don’t always have to be good at manipulating code to hack into secure systems...

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