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Is Windows Virtual Desktop a VDI game-changer?

By Comtact March 30, 2020

In a changing world, companies are looking to Virtual Desktops (VDI) to solve remote working..

Advice for rapidly scaling remote working solutions

By Comtact March 13, 2020

In the past week, we've had a number of our customers requesting rapid, low cost and secure..

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The causes of network downtime: What are they!?

By Comtact May 1, 2019

Network downtime is never good – when IT stops, business stops. IT failure and unexpected..

Infographic: How to calculate the cost of network downtime

By Comtact March 28, 2019

A primary function of most businesses is to maximise revenue, while keeping associated running..

How to get 24/7 Network Monitoring on a limited budget

By Comtact February 26, 2019

Our digitally enhanced 'always on - always accessible' world means whether you are an employee,..

Calculating the cost of network downtime - What's the cost?

By Comtact January 18, 2019

A primary function of the majority of businesses is to maximise revenue, while keeping..

Benefits of an outsourced Network Operations Centre (NOC)

By Comtact November 27, 2018

Keeping pace with the mobile and digital transformation of organisations, you can be sure that..

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