Threat Intel May 2019: Microsoft urges Windows users to patch critical update now

By Comtact May 22, 2019

May 2019 Threat Intelligence (CRITICAL ALERT)

Microsoft’s May 2019 Patch Tuesday includes..

How antivirus works: the problem with traditional AV

By Comtact May 21, 2019

You have no doubt received marketing emails and seen advertisements advising you that it’s time..

Buyers guide to penetration testing services

By Comtact May 17, 2019

Unquestionably, the Internet is a wonderful thing - it has opened up business links across the..

Endpoint Protection EPP vs EDR:  What's the difference?

By Comtact May 10, 2019

Cyber security is rife with acronyms and confusing overlapping terminology. It makes it..

Infographic: Best practice password policy

By Comtact May 8, 2019

Passwords are supposed to keep us safe. In fact, they’re a high-security risk.

You’d be forgiven..

Cyber Essentials PLUS: A step-by-step guide to implementation

By Comtact May 3, 2019

As you might expect, cyber security keeps hitting the headlines. 2018 saw data breaches..

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: The difference between Endpoint Protection and Traditional Antivirus

By Comtact April 24, 2019

Tired of your failing antivirus?

Traditional antivirus solutions require a list of virus..

The difference between Endpoint Protection and Traditional Antivirus

By Comtact April 16, 2019

In the ever-changing world of cyber security, technologies never stand still. So as a customer..

The 5 critical security controls of Cyber Essentials PLUS

By Comtact April 15, 2019

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed certification scheme that enables you to demonstrate..

PRESS RELEASE: Comtact announces the addition of SentinelOne as a technology partner

By Comtact April 11, 2019

» Specialist Cyber Security & IT Managed Service Provider, Comtact Ltd, is delighted to announce..

6 steps to a successful cyber security improvement programme

By Comtact April 10, 2019

We all know cyber-crime is a serious and growing threat. According to Cisco, 31% of..

Next-gen antivirus: The move to a proactive security team

By Comtact April 10, 2019

Traditional antivirus solutions are a complete waste of time! They search through files, looking..

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