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Benefits of a mobile device management platform: Locate, Lock & Wipe!

Mobile devices have been widely adopted due to the convenience they offer. The number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.77 billion by the end of 2017. This rise in popularity has made these devices both a source of competitive advantage and a gateway to numerous concerns. However, all is not lost - here are the benefits of a mobile device management platform.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) software helps control, secure and protect access to information on smartphones and tablets. In a time of accelerated technological advancement, it is especially important to ensure your company is protected against the rise of mobile security threats - to protect your critical business and customer data. This allows individuals and companies to maximise the many benefits offered by mobile devices. Ensuring your systems are overseen by an effective MDM platform is an investment and invaluable consideration - to help maximise the operational benefits for your mobile workforce.

Competitive advantage

The enhanced level of efficiency that accompanies MDM is a driving force behind competitive advantage. It enables employees to securely work remotely, completing business-related activities with ease and safety. Companies that rely on effective MDM platforms are a strategic step ahead of their counterparts.


Part and parcel of any organisation is the need to comply with regulatory standards. Adhering to these standards is a necessity for security and for associated legal requirements, and ensures that the integrity of any network is not called into question. In addition, all devices are authorised and configured accordingly. Managed via centralised console, MDM solutions make this process seamless and dependable.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Typically, companies accepted user-owned devices being used on organisational networks, since the inherent risks were perceived to not be significant. With the introduction of GDPR, as well as the rise in mobile security threats, businesses are realising they require adequate controls to maintain compliance and control the increased risks.

Mobile device management platforms allow the activity on BYOD devices to be controlled, with access to company information securely managed, or unauthorised use prohibited. In addition to improvements in productivity, BYOD also allows organisations to make cost savings from the reduced capital investment.

Remote management

Remote management is easily one of the most significant benefits of employing a robust MDM platform. It enables the safety of every mobile device connected to the network by managing and restricting access to unauthorised users or applications.

Locate, lock and wipe

Similarly, remote management allows you to take full control of your corporate data - even if the device is lost or stolen - with the ability to locate, lock or wipe specific mobile devices. It is naturally a real concern, as mobile devices provide a direct route to bypass existing security controls - with virtual threats, theft and loss of mobile devices the biggest data security risk. The ability to locate, lock and wipe mobile devices alleviates anxiety and give organisations peace of mind. The function allows missing devices to be located and recovered and, when this is not possible, remotely wiped of either ALL, or just corporate data.

Centrally controlled updates

The constant updating of operating systems, firmware and software can be the bane of any IT professional’s life. Mobile device management ensures all devices are up-to-date and audited accordingly from a centralised system. This is clearly advantageous from a security, but also a time-saving perspective.

Application management

Application management forms a critical component of your workforce’s ability to perform. Increasingly, malicious applications contain malware, or apps may be downloaded from untrustworthy sources. Also, for business purposes, some apps may be a distraction, or not inline with company policy or objectives. MDM places control firmly in your hands, allowing you to ensure that only safe and relevant applications are installed on devices. Furthermore, in instances where your business is looking to change processes, MDM streamlines the transition.

Device registration

Device registration goes hand-in-hand with updates. As opposed to passing around and exchanging a protected key, which if misplaced could cause a series of issues, MDM supports new device registration. Users receive a simple email with instructions to register the device 'Over-the-Air' and gain the relevant access to programs and applications on their mobile devices. This improves security while dramatically simplifying IT department’s direct involvement in the process.

Continuity: Data backup and restoration

Loss of data is always a concern for any organisation. Mobile device management solutions allow data to be backed up and restored, limiting the traditional risk of losing data locally on specific mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360: An intelligent solution

As the UK's leading IBM MaaS360 specialists, Comtact Ltd. provides Enterprise MDM solutions, with fast and efficient deployment - as well as intelligent security, compliance management capabilities and comprehensive protection against the ever-changing cyber threats we see today.   

Our solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all; they are specifically designed to meet your organisation’s needs and help it face its challenges head-on. Download your free guide to best practice MDM deployment of Maas360, or why not sign-up for your FREE 30-day Maas360 trial?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Guide

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