IBM MaaS360 vs MobileIron - Feature Comparison

By Comtact February 8, 2018

As an IT leader, you can’t afford to rush the decision of picking the right mobile device..

How to manage mobile user privacy whilst remaining compliant

By Comtact February 5, 2018

Few employees are seen without their smartphone and, whether you have a Bring Your Own Device..

Benefits of a mobile device management platform: Locate, Lock & Wipe!

By Comtact January 31, 2018

Mobile devices have been widely adopted due to the convenience they offer. The number of mobile..

Mobile device security best practices: Controlling secure documents

By Comtact January 25, 2018

Today, every business relies on a mobile workforce, from the CEO down. Organisations work..

Solving network latency issues with Office 365 migration

By Comtact January 23, 2018

In operating legacy, or hybrid network architectures, many enterprises have experienced..

Launch day deployment of a mobile device management (MDM) platform

By Comtact January 18, 2018

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform dramatically simplifies the challenge of managing and..

5 common misconceptions about mobile app security

By Comtact January 15, 2018

Companies across all industries deploy mobile apps to deliver products and services their..

5 benefits of implementing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform

By Comtact January 12, 2018

Mobile Device Management (MDM) revolves around deploying, securing, monitoring, integrating and..

How to create a BYOD Security Policy in 9 simple steps

By Comtact January 10, 2018

With the rise and rise of BYOD devices, many companies have enjoyed the productivity benefits of..

Facing the mobile security threat - Mobile malware statistics 2017

By Comtact January 5, 2018

In the not too distant past, mobile security was not considered a security threat, or even an..

Moving to Office 365? What are the issues facing your network?

By Comtact December 11, 2017

Many companies make the move to Office 365 because - as Microsoft says - you can access your..

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