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CREST Accreditation: Why it's important for Penetration Testing

By Comtact January 21, 2020

Penetration testing is the cyber equivalent of letting someone break into your house and rummage..

Top reasons why you should outsource your IT Support in 2020

By Comtact January 8, 2020

You may have been led to believe that keeping your IT support department in-house is more..

Top security predictions for 2020

By Comtact January 2, 2020

Security experts have recently shared their predictions, warnings and best practices for the new..

10 reasons why security is moving to the cloud

By Comtact December 9, 2019

Cloud computing is quickly changing enterprise IT with applications like Salesforce and Office..

9 tips to help you pitch cyber security to the board

By Comtact December 2, 2019

It's crucial to find the best ways to present your security strategies to the board of directors..

Penetration testing and your employees

By Comtact November 25, 2019

What do you think is the biggest cyber risk factor in your organisation?

If your answer was your..

Infographic: Hacker Personas - Inside the mind of a cyber criminal

By Comtact November 18, 2019

Do you know who would be most likely to hack your information system?  It’s quite possible..

How to write a penetration testing brief

By Comtact November 11, 2019

Penetration testing is a core tool used to analyse the security of IT systems. Done well, it can..

Why penetration testing is so important

By Comtact November 5, 2019

One successful cyber attack could see you lose business, assets and customer trust in one fell..

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