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Launch day deployment of a mobile device management (MDM) platform

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform dramatically simplifies the challenge of managing and securing your organisation’s mobile smartphone and tablet devices. Via a centralised management console, organisations can effortlessly deploy apps/software, enable access to resources, track mobile devices, remotely wipe data from lost or stolen devices, apply browsing or security policies, or detect and remediate malware-infected devices - and so much more.

With new cyber threats emerging daily, as well as the continued risk of data loss, no company can afford to be without an effective MDM policy and platform.

Ease of deployment is an important consideration for any MDM platform. In particular for large organisations, a ‘difficult to deploy’ MDM platform will drain your valuable IT resource, cause ongoing management and security headaches, as well as leaving a sense of dissatisfaction with users.

So once you've selected your MDM platform, outlined your policies, defined your user profiles etc., it is time to launch and deploy the solution to users. But what are the best strategies to ensure a smooth launch day event?


MDM deployment launch event

Firstly, it is important to state that the launch day event to rollout your chosen MDM platform across your enterprise is the final step in the process. If you wish to read abou the full deployment process - from evaluation, to key considerations and milestones - why not read our comprehensive 16-page guide to best practice of a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform.

Launch day preparation

In addition to a detailed inventory of users, handsets, mobile numbers and site (or nearest) location, you need to ensure you have prepared the necessary launch day support documentation.

Back-up existing contacts & data

If issuing new devices, you should ensure that contacts are not stored in the phone’s memory – and old devices are backed up. This ensures that on the launch day, there are no time-consuming alterations to make.

Support documentation

This should include clear and simple instructions for employees receiving new phones, and for those retaining their existing phone. You should include troubleshooting steps, as well as direct support contact details.

Staged roll-out

Segment your roll-out into manageable deployments, by site or department. It is good practice to use the initial deployment as a trial, allowing you to iron out any issues you encounter.

On-site roll-out event

To ensure a trouble-free roll-out, it is highly preferable to arrange a dedicated on-site event to swap out handsets, or on-board existing devices, attended and supported by members of your IT team. While time and resource investments may seem significant, an on-site event is highly preferable to avoid ongoing issues, which could otherwise be swiftly resolved on the day.

It is also a great opportunity to provide a friendly face to employees and demonstrate the professionalism of your IT team.

Off-site IT support

In addition to the on-site team, ensure your NOC team are available to provide additional support, if required.

Avoid administration madness

It goes without saying that you will need to record the status for every user. Did they attend the event, receive a new handset and are there any unresolved issues?

Take lunch!

Roll-out events can be long and busy days for your IT team. Make sure you stay energised.

If you are unable to organise on-site events, then you will need to ensure instructions are fully tried and tested to minimise ‘finger trouble’, with appropriate phone support provided to users.

IBM MaaS360 - the right platform to secure your mobile enterprise

IBM's MaaS360 provides Enterprise Mobile Device Management with secure and simple device management - to take control of your iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows devices. All from a secure, cloud-based dashboard.

Quickly configure email, Wi-Fi and VPN profiles 'Over-the-Air', approve or quarantine devices, and distribute public or corporate apps from a unified dashboard. Enjoy security and management tools to protect from security threats and prevent data loss, ensuring GDPR compliance.

Protect from malware, stolen or jailbroken devices, and unauthorised user behaviour; Set granular security policies for specific devices or personnel; Or remotely locate, lock, and wipe lost or stolen devices; And grant secure access to work documents in an encrypted container.

In just a few clicks, devices can be enrolled - so you can start taking control of your mobile workforce, including BYOD.

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Comtact Ltd. - the UK's leading IBM MaaS360 specialists

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As the UK's leading IBM MaaS360 specialist, Comtact Ltd. works with the UK's leading organisations to help secure their mobile workforce - 24x7x365.

Deploying an Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform is the first and most important step towards taking control of your mobile device security. Learn from the experts and download our guide to best practice deployment of a mobile device management (MDM) platform, or why not sign-up for a FREE 30-day MaaS360 trial?



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