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Is IBM MaaS360 with Watson changing the way we manage mobile devices?

There are a number of mobile device management (MDM) platforms that enterprises all over the world - like yours - implement in their business operations. As new threats continue to emerge, organisations are using an MDM solution to efficiently manage and secure their mobile fleet, deploy software, manage access to prohibited or restricted websites, or prevent data loss through remote lock and wipe facilities - to keep your organisation safe at all times. However, not every MDM solution is robust enough to handle all of the demands quite like IBM's MaaS360 with Watson. Here's how MaaS360 is changing the way we manage mobile devices.

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The fact is, every organisation has to support a number of endpoint devices - from laptops and desktops, tablets and smartphones, even wearable technology and IoT devices - something which MaaS360 with Watson excels in (and alternative solutions aren't able to provide.

IBM's MaaS360 with Watson continues to change the way we secure and manage mobile devices, including:


1. Cognitive unified endpoint management (UEM)

What is UEM? Instead of Mobile Device Management (MDM), think Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). Instead of just mobile devices, UEM consolidates the management of smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wearables, and IoT devices along with their data and apps, in a unified platform.

MaaS360's cloud-based UEM solution helps your organisation manage and secure pools of endpoints, end users and more - including applications, data and content. While other solutions may boast some features, the MaaS360-difference is that IBM's leading solution provides complete coverage across computing platforms - something alternative solutions are not capable of.

While other solutions provide incomplete coverage of Windows devices, IBM's MaaS360 separates itself by supporting the full spectrum. This ranges from Windows XP SP3 through to Windows 10, as well as iOS, macOS, Android devices - so no device is left out.

IBM's cognitive UEM with WatsonImage Credit: IBM

Smart IT leaders are now turning towards the industry's first cognitive UEM approach, with IBM's Watson AI supercomputer playing a major role in delivering a single, strategic management and security solution.

2. Watson's AI insights and analytics

Watson is IBM's AI platform for business. MaaS360 is able to deliver powerful insights and analytics using Watson's cognitive technology - unavailable with any alternative solution. Watson also features IBM's X-Force Exchange threat intelligence - to protect devices from malware and stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Watson's insights include 3 key capabilities:

  • Advisor - delivers actionable intelligence that is contextual to your organisation.
  • Mobile Security Index - provides the industry's first publicly-available mobile security scorecard.
  • Mobile Metrics - offers the industry's first cloud-sourced endpoint benchmarking data.

This level of analytics and insights help you keep track of the platform in action, providing in-depth, real-time data for review.

3. Rapid deployment + easy integration = seamless transition

The hidden problem organisations often face when implementing an MDM solution is that the deployment can be complex and problematic, taking far too long. Renowned for its simplicity of deployment, MaaS360 lets you hit the ground running, quickly setting up and enrolling devices to simplify life for IT and employees.

With Comtact's IBM MaaS360 expertsdeployment is quick and in just a few clicks, you can start enrolling devices.


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