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Malware examples - Infographic: What are the different types?

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Simply put, malware (malicious + software) is any piece of software designed with the intent to damage, disrupt or gain unauthorised access to your device and inflict harm to data and/or people in multiple ways.

It is one of the biggest threats on the internet and comes in a bewildering variety of forms, each with its own method of delivery (attack vector). So, it's crucial that users know how to recognise the different types of malware and how it finds its way into your network in order to help protect yourself, and your business systems, from being compromised.

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Malware examples - Infographic: What are the different types?

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Solving the problem of 'Fileless' Malware

Fileless malware is any malicious code that does not require using executable files on the endpoints's file system besides those that are already there.

Typically, this malware is injected into some running process and executes only in RAM making it difficult for traditional antivirus (AV) to prevent adversaries compromising endpoints because of the low footprint and the absence of files to scan.

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SentinelOne's Next-Generation endpoint protection platform (EPP) is able to detect and block unknown malware - file AND memory based by looking at the behaviour of processes executing on the endpoint rather than only inspecting the files on the machine - once a malicious pattern is identified and scored, it triggers an immediate set of responses ending the attack before it begins.

SentinelOne guide: How to solve the problem of fileless malware

› Certified AV replacement

The independent anti-virus research institute (AV-TEST) has awarded SentinelOne EPP the Approved Corporate Endpoint Protection certification for both Windows and OS X, which validates its effectiveness for detecting both advanced malware and blocking known threats - the only next generation endpoint protection vendor to obtain this certification on both platforms.


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