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IBM MaaS360 vs MobileIron - Feature Comparison

As an IT leader, you can’t afford to rush the decision of picking the right mobile device management (MDM) platform for your organisation. Implementing a platform to become an integral part of your business process can be complex, and if not well managed could lead to a troublesome deployment - as well as being difficult to change direction once you've committed.

Secure Mobile Management

A number of factors need to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing a mobile device management solution. Firstly, business should utilise a trusted solution provider that can adapt as your requirements as your organisation changes, and the mobile environment changes.

So, it’s important to use a powerful mobile device management platform - but one which doesn't compromise the user experience, data security or privacy.

To quickly narrow down a search, think about whether an MDM solution can:

  • Easily manage all your devices - across iOS, macOS, Android and Windows
  • Keep your applications and data secure - both today, and from tomorrow's cyber threats
  • Securely embrace employee-owned mobiles - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Adapt to future organisational requirements
  • Maintain current and future compliance requirements, including GDPR

Two solutions that have emerged as market leaders in this field: IBM's MaaS360 and MobileIron. So, here’s a feature comparison between IBM MaaS360 vs MobileIron so you can gain a better understanding of which solution can benefit you and your business.

IBM MaaS360 Features

IBM MaaS360 dashboard

Rapid Deployment and Enrolment of Mobile Devices

IBM's MaaS360 Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform streamlines the set up and device enrolment process to simplify life for both you and employees - deployment is very simple and very quick, which is essential for successful uptake. In just a few clicks, IT teams can enrol devices to start managing the entire mobile device lifecycle, from enrolment to enterprise integration, configuration and management, monitoring and security, support, along with analytics and reporting.

The feature enables you to select MDM services and configure device enrolment settings.

You’re able to send enrolment requests 'Over-the-Air' (OTA) using SMS, email, or a custom URL. You’ll also have the ability to use an authenticator (2-step login) against your active directory using a one-time passcode, or with SAML, along with creating and distributing customised acceptable-use policies and EULAs.

Additionally, you have the freedom to register both corporate and approved employee-owned (BYOD) devices, initiate individual or bulk device enrolments and apply default device policy settings.

Support is just as quick as the deployment, as you’ll experience launch day support for the latest mobile operating systems for iOS, macOS, Android, Windows - and even BlackBerry.

Integrate Mobile Devices with Enterprise Systems

Enterprise system integration is easy and straightforward with MaaS360's Cloud Extender. No need to waste valuable time dealing with an on-premise server. The feature allows instant discovery of devices accessing enterprise systems and integrates with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and Lotus Notes.

When implementing MaaS360, you’ll be able to build on existing active directory and certificate authorities, manage BlackBerry Enterprise Server policies and connect with other operational systems through robust web APIs.

Centrally Manage Mobile Devices

MaaS360 provides a unified mobile device management console for tablets and smartphones with a centralised policy and control across multiple platforms. This feature allows you to configure email, contacts, Wi-Fi, VPN profiles and more 'Over-the-Air' - and you’ll have the power to either approve or quarantine new mobile devices on the network.

You’ll also be able to create custom groups for granular management; distribute and manage public and corporate applications; safely share and update all your content and documents. MaaS360 allows you to define role-based administrative portal access rights within the platform, and you can simply decommission devices by removing corporate data and MDM control, removing a big headache when employees leave. You can even remotely locate, lock and wipe devices if lost, or stolen.

Watson Advisor - IBM's Advanced AI

IBM has put the full weight of their acclaimed 'Watson' AI supercomputer to power MaaS360's Mobility Intelligence, which features an interactive dashboard to display actionable steps to discover and isolate malware-infected devices, advise on security risks, or operational efficiency improvements - providing huge time savings for you IT team's resource, with reports 'on-demand' across the entire enterprise.

Only available from IBM, Watson Advisor is the jewel in IBM's crown. The unique feature provides you with actionable hardware and software reports, all customisable to track and monitor critical alerts. You’re also able to get all of the configuration and vulnerability details, with integrated smart search capabilities across virtually any attribute.

To further assist with data security, BYOD privacy setting blocks the collection of personally identifiable information and the optional mobile expense management features allows for continuous data usage monitoring and alerting - and GDPR compliance.

Mobile Device Security

MaaS360 provides robust, dynamic security and compliance management capabilities to continuously monitor all the devices within your enterprise and take the necessary action. The feature goes to great lengths to help proactively safeguard mobile devices, such as requiring passcode policies with configurable duration, length and quality, enforces encryption and password visibility setting, along with setting device restrictions on applications, features, content ratings and iCloud.

It also detects and restricts jailbroken and rooted devices, remotely locates, locks and wipes lost or stolen devices, while you can even selectively wipe any corporate data but leave personal data intact. Compliance is also covered with this feature, relieving you of that big worry as it enables geofencing rules to enforce location-based compliance, along with implementing near real-time compliance rules with automated actions.

Streamline MDM Support

MaaS360 gives you the ability to diagnose and resolve device, user or application issues continuously, via a web-based portal - along with offering detailed IT visibility and control, in addition to facilitating optimum mobile user productivity.

Additional features allow you to reset forgotten passcodes, send messages to any device of your choosing, update configuration settings on-demand, and help users to help themselves with a self-service portal to make an even easier platform to use.

This fast, fully-featured solution to configure devices for enterprise access and protect corporate data on smartphones and tablets - all from a single screen to make functionality much easier for you and your team.

MaaS360 EMM

IBM MaaS360 with Watson Advisor gives you a single platform to manage and secure your endpoints, so you can achieve the right balance between user productivity and mobile security.

MobileIron Features

MobileIron dashboard

MDM Enrolment

The MDM enrolment feature from MobileIron enables employees to enrol their mobile devices and desktops in MDM through a step-by-step setup process whenever they are powered on. As with many Enterprise MDM’s, privacy concerns are cleared with policy guidelines available for Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 operating systems.

The feature provides a portal for users to manage common tasks without IT assistance, and gives visual privacy policy guidelines to help employees understand how MDM works and protects their devices.

Automated Device Setup

This feature means helpdesk calls are reduced as MDM software simplifies configuration. Any registered devices on your enterprise’s network will automatically and easily be configured with corporate connectivity settings and device-specific restrictions.

In turn, this feature helps users connect over corporate Wi-Fi and VPN profiles, providing secure access to business email, as well as deploying any required enterprise apps, or making recommend apps available via the enterprise app store.

Identity and Access Management

MobileIron’s identity and access management capabilities give authorised users secure access to business resources without them needing to re-enter passwords. You and your IT team benefit from this because it maintains complete visibility and you keep control over who accesses sensitive corporate information.

Additional capabilities of this feature blocks jailbroken or non-compliant devices from accessing corporate resources, while it simplifies secure access to business data through per-app VPN.

Intuitive Policy Engine

The intuitive policy engine feature establishes and enforces consistent mobile device and desktop security framework. The integrated granular policy and compliance settings will allow you and your team to adapt the security to match specific business requirements.

You can also enforce device passcode settings through this feature, along with protecting data and device encryption with the data loss prevention settings.

MobileIron EMM

MobileIron’s EMM feature allows you to transform your existing IT infrastructure to support a mobile-aware enterprise. The EMM simplifies mobile management by integrating with other IT systems, such as IT service management software to prevent unregistered devices from accessing resources over corporate Wi-Fi networks. The feature also allows you to streamline IT asset management, which is done by integrating MDM with what they call ‘ServiceNow.’

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