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CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL:  Simplifying Ozo Innovations mobile security challenges

With a fast growing and increasingly urbanised population, the need for a safe and secure food supply is self-evident. Located near Oxford (UK), Ozo Innovations develops electrolysed water solutions for disinfection, food safety and fresh produce washing, both for in-home and commercial use, in hospitality, food factories, greenhouses and farms.

Importantly, Ozo Innovations takes a sustainable and responsible approach, minimising the inputs (water, energy and chemicals) - and maximising outputs, driving up yields and commercial returns.

Ozo Innovations growth

As a rapidly growing business with increasing staff numbers, all accessing company data outside of the office - on smartphones and tablets, Ozo Innovations turned to Comtact Ltd. to help simplify and solve their mobile security and management challenges.

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Doug Frost, Data Systems Administrator at Ozo Innovations says,

As a business we’ve seen some rapid growth. This growth has led to an increase in staff and consequently to a greater number of smartphones, tablets and other remote devices being used to access company information.”


Ozo Innovations had adopted a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, with employees using their own personal devices, all requiring access the corporate network.

“Our workforce is often away from the office - visiting customers, attending exhibitions or working from home and will use their devices to access company information while away from the office. As well as a security concern, it is also time-consuming to manage effectively.”

The challenge for Ozo Innovations was to find a way to manage a growing mobile estate and ensure that access to company data remained secure and protected against an ever-changing set of cyber threats.

The Ozo Innovations’ IT team brought in Comtact Ltd. - a leading specialist Cyber Security and IT Service Provider, to understand their requirements and expected business outcomes. Comtact introduced IBM’s MaaS360 mobile device management (MDM) solution, an integrated cloud-based platform which simplifies the challenges of managing and securing corporate data on mobile and tablet devices - across all platforms (iOS, macOS, Android, Microsoft and Windows PC).

“Since deploying MaaS360, we now have confidence that our device setups and user policies are consistent and users will have all the apps they require installed. The locate, lock and wipe feature is great, giving us assurance that company data remains secure, even if devices are lost. Unexpected but not surprisingly, some of our users are more prone to misplacing their phones and the locate and buzz feature is a great supporting feature and has been thoroughly tested!”, says Frost.

“Comtact make it easy and simple for us, especially getting new connections set up and managed, co-terminating in line with existing connections.”


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