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Jolyon Palmer, sponsored by Comtact Ltd. throughout his F2 career, has made it into F1!

Comtact Ltd. - the right pit crew for your network...

Much like the F1 pit crews help team drivers achieve success, our Comtact NOC & SOC - Network and Security Operations Centre - and on-site experts optimise the IT Infrastructure that drives our customers’ successes.


Jolyon Palmer (GBR) celebrates his race one victory in parc ferme. FIA Formula Two Championship, Rd1, Silverstone, England, Sunday 18 April 2010. Jolyon Palmer (GBR), who Comtact Ltd. sponsored back in 2010, celebrates his F2 victory.   Fast forward to 2016 and Jolyon makes his F1 debut - congratulations Joylon!

How Comtact can drive your network...

Formula 1™ is a very competitive sport and business. With the average team spending tens of millions, the aim is to get the most effective use of their money and resources to challenge for victory.

The pit crew of 16+ people is the most visible aspect of the modern F1 team, but there are many other team members back at the factory who are designing, building, manufacturing and testing parts that will end up in or on the car.

Much like the Renault team support Jolyon to achieve success, our Comtact Network and Security Operations Centre and on-site expert team help optimise the IT Infrastructure that drives our customers’ business performance:

  • Significant and continued investment in our state-of-the-art 24x7x365 Network and Security Operations Centre facilitating an immediate response to customers.
  • Our secure delivery centre can monitor and manage your IT Infrastructure remotely 24X7, working as an extension of your internal team to provide full IT infrastructure management and or cyber security solutions. This means that we can resolve many issues proactively before you’re even aware a problem exists.
  • Just like F1, our team will continually monitor and fine-tune your network, guaranteeing you business assurance and uptime.
  • Comtact’s NOC & SOC  is accredited to ISO 27001 (Information Security) and ITIL best practice.

Now that is team work!  

Looking for a winning team with 24x7x365 support you can count on?

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