Take control of your security. Today and tomorrow.

Legacy IT security methods are no longer adequate with today’s connected, mobile-enabled workforce.

Zscaler Internet Access moves the entire security stack to the cloud, with integrated security services which provide the highest level of protection – with low latency.

The Leading Secure
Web Gateway

Gartner magic quadrant leader for the 7th consecutive year.

Secure Internet

Inline inspection of every byte of traffic to keep the bad stuff out.

Expert Deployment & Support

Comtact has the largest in-house Zscaler support team in the UK.

Expert Zscaler deployment and support

1st and 2nd-line support - 24x7x365

Comtact Ltd. has the largest in-house Zscaler support team in the UK, with the requisite Zscaler Certified Cloud Administrator (ZCCA) and Cloud Professional (ZCCP) qualifications.

Zscaler enables secure, policy-based access to the Internet

Zscaler Internet Access is a Secure Internet and Web Gateway delivered from the world’s largest security cloud. Just point your office, or user traffic to the Zscaler platform stop malware, advanced threats, phishing, browser exploits, malicious URLs, botnets, and more.

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Access Control

Threat Prevention

Data Protection

Cloud Firewall

URL Filtering

Bandwidth Control

DNS FIltering

Advanced Protection

Cloud Sandbox


DNS Security

Data Loss Prevention

Cloud Apps (CASB)

File Type Controls

Intelligent and infinitely scalable

Protect every user, every device, everywhere

Simplification of IT

OPEX pricing, with best TCO

Benefit from the world’s largest security cloud

Any detected threat is immediately blocked for all the 15 million+ users.

Zscaler provides 100% cloud security to every user in the enterprise, on any device, using any app, all over the world.

No hardware.
No software.
No clients.
No complications.
Can appliance
vendors say that?

With no hardware, deployment costs are minimal. There are no patches to worry about, plus you also enjoy lower bandwidth costs.

The largest global footprint of data centres, with over 100 locations, blocking more than 100 million threats per day.

Transform the way you deliver internet and web security

Infinitely scalable, customers can add users and activate services almost instantly.

Born in the cloud and built for speed, Zscaler Internet Access helps you break free from traditional appliance models, cut costs, and restore security in a cloud-first world.

Zscaler enables secure transformation to the cloud.

Your applications have moved to the cloud – Salesforce.com, Office 365, AWS, and Azure – and so have your security appliances.

Infinitely scalable, customers can add users and activate services almost instantly.

Inline inspection of every byte of traffic to keep the bad stuff out.

3 simple steps to secure IT transformation

The Zscaler platform was built in the cloud, for the cloud. Organisations can easily scale protection to all offices or users, regardless of location – and minimise network and appliance infrastructure.


Up-level your security; make Zscaler your next hop to the Internet – with no infrastructure changes.


Phase out legacy products, reducing costs and management overhead.


Enable local breakouts for Internet traffic to deliver a better, more secure user experience.



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Advanced Cyber Defence.

Working from Comtact's UK Cyber Defence Centre, our NOC/SOC teams are recognised experts in supporting large IT infrastructures, helping you simplify and solve today and tomorrow’s IT challenges.

Advanced Cyber Defence

24x7 Monitoring & Response

Expert Support

A dedicated team of security experts

You’re in safe hands. Comtact boasts a wealth of enterprise security and network expertise.

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Dominic List

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