Wifi Tracking – Ekahau

Business Intelligence Through Location

Ekahau RTLS (RFID-over-Wi-Fi™) solutions are used by more than 10,000 users in over 1,400 facilities, delivering business intelligence, safety communications, and workflow automation through location awareness for:

  • Location-Aware Safety and Security Alerting
  • Asset Tracking and Management
  • Staff Safety and Workflow Optimisation
  • Patient Safety and Throughput
  • Temperature Monitoring and Sensing

Essentially, Ekahau provides tools for designing, deploying, and maintaining Wi-Fi networks. Comtact is the sole platinum service partner for Ekahau in Europe. Our 24x7x365 Wifi experts based at our Network Operations Centre (NOC), ensure Ekahau integrates seamlessly into our customer’s environments providing real-time visibility into the assets, people, and workflows that drive business.

Key features include:

  • Site Surveying and Planning – allowing clients to plan and create Wi-Fi networks according to your performance and capacity requirements
  • Mobile Surveying – troubleshooting the network on the spot, monitoring the network continuously, as well as monitoring the performance of map-based site surveys
  • Spectrum Analysis – gathering spectrum data and providing powerful on-the-spot and post-survey analysis capabilities
  • Heat mapping – detecting Wi-Fi coverage and locating all access points

Ekahau Vision™ software and Ekahau Wi-Fi tags reveal business intelligence with the power to transform your organisation.

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