Network Access Control (NAC)

Network Access Control (NAC) is an approach to computer security that attempts to unify endpoint security technology (such as antivirus, host intrusion prevention, and vulnerability assessment), user or system authentication and network security enforcement.

Embracing a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) culture can be a good thing – increased employee satisfaction and productivity with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for mobile devices. But BYOD also creates challenges, which can include managing non-standard, heterogeneous devices and personal and potentially rogue applications, as well as possibly introducing malware into the corporate network.

Comtact work with a diverse range of NAC vendors to deliver scalable, full-cycle solutions designed to protect any network infrastructure, providing full protection for all endpoints, managed and unmanaged. We combine agentless network access control with zero-day threat prevention, automated policy enforcement and network intelligence to deliver a unified view of endpoint activity and powerful analysis of your network’s history and usage. Together, these features deliver comprehensive endpoint control and offer security checks throughout the lifecycle of a device’s network access.

Comtact includes seamless integration with any wired or wireless network, detection and control of managed, unmanaged and unmanageable assets on the network and prevention of malware introduction when users browse the web over their personal device.

Take control today – back into the hands of your IT administrators and ensure a secure, productive and compliant computing environment.