Internet Security – Zscaler

Working to make the internet safe for business

More than 15 million users at more than 5,000 of the World’s leading enterprises are protected against cyber attacks and data breaches by using Zscaler.

Comtact is one of a select few Gold managed service partners in Europe.  By bringing together our combined expertise in cloud technologies and our 24x7x365 experts at our Security Operations Centre (SOC), Comtact ensures Zscaler integrates seamlessly into our customer’s environments with maximum productivity gains, the highest performance and the minimum of risk.

Zscaler protects your employees from malware, viruses, advanced persistent threats and other risks and can also stop inadvertent or malicious leaks of your company’s sensitive data.   Zscaler’s security services scan and filter every byte of your network traffic, including SSL-encrypted sessions, as it passes to and from the internet. Gain instant insight into threats and get real-time recommendations on how to improve your security posture.Zscaler

Zscaler Complete Security

Internet Security, Compliance and Productivity for Your Entire Organisation. Inspect all Internet Traffic.

  • Block Threats
  • Prevent IP Leakage
  • Enforce Business Policy
  • Improve Internet Performance
  • Increase IT & End-User Productivity

You can think of Zscaler like a massively-distributed series of checkpoints in the cloud— point your Internet traffic and Zscaler will inspect every byte, ensure the content is safe and compliant, forward approved traffic to its eventual destination and then log the actions taken.

100% SaaS Platform

Zscaler Is a Comprehensive, Unified Internet Security and Compliance Platform.

Zscaler is fundamentally a commercial cloud computing platform like Amazon Web Services, Google Apps, Office 365, Salesforce, NetSuite or Workday. The software runs in a massively distributed system deployed across more than 100 top-tier data centres worldwide, all located at strategic inter-connection points across the Internet.  The Zscaler system includes a broad range of integrated, enterprise-quality Internet security and compliance applications built on top of a single, carrier-grade Security as a Service platform, with unified administration, management and reporting.

A Better Choice

Adopting a strategic, SaaS platform approach to security with Zscaler as compared to deploying security boxes has real benefits:

  • Better security – as Zscaler has so many more layers of defence in depth and so much more data to analyse and correlate threats than any individual box
  • You get better security because there are no gaps – a unified security platform makes accidental misconfigurations and holes between point solution appliances much less likely
  • Zscaler has a much lower cost of administration – because everything is maintained centrally with a single pane of glass
  • Zscaler gives you vastly better understanding of what is going on – because logging, reporting and analysis is unified
  • Zscaler makes your CFO happy, because it has vastly lower TCO and higher ROI than stacks of boxes – four to ten times better
  • Zscaler makes your users happy, because their Internet performance gets so much faster

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