The LAN and WLAN networks delivered by Comtact maximise return-on-investment, bring high performance, low management overhead and meet the challenge of business change.

Comtact are not focussed on equipment sales, but rather service, our solutions therefore do not sprawl when there are more elegant and cost effective ways to grow by re-utilising existing equipment –reducing both CAPEX and OPEX spends.

Aside from independently selecting the right technology and deploying with minimal risk, which is a given on all Comtact’s services, our Network Deployment services also caters for large institutions that require fast turnaround in the procurement and pre-deployment phase to meet aggressive targets.  With such customers we provide bespoke models that have fixed costs on equipment, staging, shipping and on-site deployment, massively streamlining their operations and time to deliver on new sites and upgrades.

Onto our network solutions we offer a range of support options, from basic maintenance to a maintenance plan inclusive of proactive alerting to a fully managed service.

Our LAN technology partners include Cisco, HP, Extreme and Juniper.

Comtact also deliver WAN solutions, fully inclusive of carrier connectivity anywhere in the world, and are therefore empowered to deliver end-to-end managed networks with fully integrated SLAs.