Enterprise Telephony

Comtact’s Enterprise Telephony focus is on providing comprehensive solutions, bringing together impartially selected technology and telecoms platforms with expert design and deployment expertise with a diverse range of ongoing support options.

Our assistance not just encompasses aspects of the solution sold by us, but helping our customers understand the impacts on their network and what interactions are necessary with incumbent providers to deem solution total cost of ownership (TCO), where it should be located (locally, centralised, cloud – hybrid) and how we can get it running quickly with minimum disruption.

Aside from the obvious needs of reliability, flexibility, scalability and lowest TCO by elimination of unnecessary equipment our solutions can, where business benefit is discovered, provide:

  • Workflow optimisation – via integration with other key operational support systems, such as CRM
  • Collaboration – enhancing productivity by improved internal and external communications experience
  • Mobility – supporting mobile convergence strategies

Our core technology expertise includes Cisco, Avaya, Mitel and Shoretel.

Our Telephony deployment

Services also caters for large institutions that require fast turnaround in the procurement and deployment phase to meet aggressive targets. With such customers we evolve models that have fixed costs on equipment, staging, shipping and on-site deployment, massively streamlining their operations and time to deliver on service expansion.

Comtact also offer our telephony solutions with Managed Service frameworks and Cloud models that allow IT departments to focus on more significant domains Managed & Cloud Telephony.