Comtact Assurance

Peace of Mind

Comtact’s telecoms continuity solution, Comtact Assurance, is the most advanced DDI resilience systems on the market.   By working closely with our customers we have designed a solution that answers our customers’ business needs by providing resilience to a complete DDI range of numbers in moments after a disaster strikes. This can even be done remotely if you are not able to get into your building due to the incident.

How does Comtact Assurance Work?

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If there is a problem with your BT ISDN30, we use our web based interface to re-point your DDI numbers on an individual basis to an additional ISDN30 circuit from a separate provider.

Individual DDIs have a pre planned secondary route to make a business continuity change simple to invoke.

Mobile numbers can also be used as redundant devices (additional call charges will apply).  We work around the clock to resolve the issue and restore normal services as swiftly as possible (assuming your building is not affected). When the circuit is back up and running we re-point the DDI numbers back to the original location.

Comtact Assurance Benefits Include

  • Re-route all designated DDI numbers within minutes – Comtact knows that for every minute your telecom network is down it is costing your company money, our system can have your entire telecoms estate back up and running within minutes of being made aware of a network failure.
  • No disruption to your customers – With Comtact’s seamless transfer, your business will continue to run as normal, so your customers will never know there was a problem.
  • Minimise downtime costs – An hour of downtime for your company could cost thousands of pounds not to mention the possibility of losing your customers to a competitor. Comtact Assurance minimises your downtime and will save your company money.
  • Keep your telephone numbers when you move office – Comtact can transfer your numbers even if you do not have NGNs (non geographic numbers) so even if you move offices your staff never have to change their numbers.

The Comtact Assurance service is compatible with 95% of UK networks and is delivered in an operating expenditure friendly pay per month plan.  Call us now to find out more on 03452 75 75 75 or fill in the form on this page to have a Comtact specialist contact you at your convenience.