Security Consulting

Using our highly pragmatic and ISO/IEC 27001 aligned approach, Comtact’s CISSP certified consultants focus on helping find the efficiencies within security to provide maximum business assurance against cyber threats.



Comtact’s Security Consulting

Our consultancy led services includes:

  • Risk Assessments – assessing threats, and recommending the most up-to-date and effective measures to manage security risk, involving both people and technology solutions
  • Threat Response Maturity Assessment –  as part of our Threat Response Maturity Assessments we provide an in-depth assessment of your detection and response capability
  • External & Internal Penetration Testing – simulating an external performing a targeted attack / simulating an internal attack by a disgruntled employee or a malware infected workstation
  • Information Security Management System development – a roadmap of services to assist you in developing and implementing a relevant and sustainable ISMS.  We assist you through a number of key activities, mentoring your internal resources to ensure that the resulting system is one that is practical in your environment.
  • PCI DSS Compliance – review and remediation support for systems and processes that come into the scope of PCI DSS compliance
  • Security Acceleration Teams – customer support to advance security programs through a variety of service offerings, such as remediation capabilities and services, and training engagements
  • Best of Breed Technology Integration – enabling seamless integration with best-of-breed technology
  • Security Operation Centre (SOC) Build –  we outline how you don’t need to be an Amazon or a Google to reap the benefits of establishing a Security Operation Centre culture in your own organisation