Aurora365 Service Model Options

Freedom to Run Your Business

Good IT Management starts with knowing where your systems are and how they are performing. As you expand your reliance on applications that directly interact with customers, the number of mission-critical applications is mounting.  Even if your employees are patient, you know some customers will simply find someone else to do business with.  Aurora365 provides real-time visibility across your entire IT infrastructure, finding and fixing faults before they impact your business.

Aurora365 can be provisioned on a Managed Service, Customer Managed or a Hybrid of the two. This choice enables our customers to select a service model that matches their particular in-house skills profile and coverage needs.

Establishing effective cloud management requires specialist skills for significant periods of time – the right cloud management platform can help you proactively address health performance and capacity management of IT services across heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments – improving IT service performance and availability.

A unique service.  In the absence of hiring in full-time cloud experts, our fully managed service approach is the enabler for our customers to manage infrastructure and applications quickly for the business, while maintaining IT control.

  • Managed Monitoring in Cloud

Removes the need for our clients to acquire and retain highly skilled in-house resource to setup and evolve the cloud management platform to realise its maximum potential

Aurora365’s Managed Monitoring in Cloud service includes full service setup and a set allocation of changes per annum.  Irrespective of managed model, customers retain the right to co-configure the platform themselves through the service term.

  • Managed Monitoring On-Premise

Realise the potential of your in-house cloud investments with Aurora365

Despite the many benefits of cloud based monitoring, we appreciate cloud is not an option for every organisation.

Regardless of how your applications are hosted today, Aurora365 can unlock their potential, delivering service assurance to your organisation.  We will carry out a full audit of how your team is currently managing your apps and then based on our experience, provide insight on how the technology can better support your organisation to drive overall IT performance.

Download the datasheet to learn more and see which option is right for your business