Virtual NOC

Build your NOC Culture with Comtact

Delivering good experience for the always-on customer

Delivering the always-on IT experience demanded by today’s connected user, heavily relies on a failsafe infrastructure.  However, few companies are able to make the upfront and ongoing investments necessary to ensure all infrastructure components are fully resilient.

This is where taking a Network Operations Centre (NOC) approach comes in, proactively watching for outage events to facilitate an immediate real-time response – offering the only guaranteed way to ensure uptime.

Comtact – catalyst to your Virtual NOC

Whilst few organisations possess sufficient critical mass to employ full time monitoring experts or run a 24x7x365 NOC, we enable our customers to introduce a highly effective NOC culture.  Powered by Comtact’s people, processes and technology our customers can realise their own NOC at a fraction of the cost.

In effect our people become the enabler, able to support your organisation as much or as little as required to meet your overall monitoring objectives.  Having an effective monitoring solution is a step in the right direction, but what really makes the difference is what happens once the alerts are generated.

By defining the correct dependencies, rules, alerts, escalation processes and automations, we eliminate the bystander effect and ensure than when things do go wrong incidents are given ownership through to resolution, which is what NOC culture is all about.

Our highly pragmatic NOC building methodology is underpinned by our in-house developed 9 point methodology, across:

  1. Focus on uptime
  2. Automate break/fix
  3. Eliminate noise
  4. Seasonal drill down
  5. Alert ownership
  6. 24×7 cover
  7. Escalation automation
  8. Good housekeeping
  9. Cross system integration

Read more about our 9 point methodology in our White Paper. We outline how you don’t need to be an Amazon or a Google to reap the benefits of establishing a Network Operations Centre culture in your own organisation.

Within our NOC Outsource business we have diverse experience of taking on front-end monitoring/escalation and back-end break/fix and change engineering processes through and dealing with the complexities of TUPE and transition management.

Talk to us about building your NOC Culture today.