Managed WAN

Comtact’s Managed WAN services fills the service quality gap left between telecoms carriers that are simply too large to sufficiently focus on all but the largest account and enterprises that do not have the critical mass to have large and experienced in-house teams of WAN architects, 24x7x365 engineers, planners and project managers to compensate.

Our Managed WAN Offering

Comtact is driven by highly focused account management which ensures that solutions are expertly architected and deliver what they were set out to do. Through us our customers receive the benefit of architects which independently select services from a range of Tier 1, Tier 2 and specialist carrier partners for evenly balanced geographical, price and performance decisions. Our deployed solution is then typically Fully Managed by Comtact, fulfilled by a highly qualified support and engineering team operating from our UK based Network Operations Centre that understand your network as a whole, taking a LAN outward approach, rather than the WAN only approach taken by carriers. Our NOC provides our customers with direct access to problem solvers that reduces the burden on our customers during stressful service issues and also affords the benefit of being able to humanly talk through complex technical change requests.

In essence our managed network services are cohesive end to end solutions that seek to extend our customer’s in-house capability instead of focusing on commodity items that standalone offer limited value. Our service is our product, not the by product of turning on a series of routers and circuits – which is purely the fabric for what we do.

In the interests of clarify, this is what we do:

  • We help drive a roadmap leveraging the network to recover cost by centralization and convergence and boost productivity across the business
  • We provide a diverse range of service options through our Managed Service Models, which aims to provide maximum choice and visibility to our customers
  • Expertise with the full range of access technologies internationally ranging from DSL, EFM, E1/T1, Fibre and Copper Ethernet and 3G
  • IP-VPNs are deployed as private L2 or L3 , Dedicated Lines or IPSEC VPN hybrids – but managed as a single entity irrespective of whether we own the estate day one
  • Quality of Service Enabled end-to-end with the flexibility of up to 6 Service Classes
  • Fully integrated telecoms and equipment SLAs with service credits
  • Bolt on WAN optimization and circuit bonding technologies to enhance performance and retain original investment value
  • Internet breakout and in-cloud managed security services
  • Seamless VPN backup, with costs based on data usage models available

Deployment and Risk Management

Comtact remain acutely aware that moving between WAN providers can present risks to the customer’s business of downtime and unnecessary parallel run costs. Comtact’s deployment service comprises of expert Prince2 Project Management and Architecture Consultancy that takes a LAN outward approach, which differs entirely from the WAN centric view taken by carriers who take no interest in their customer’s networks as a combined entity.  Our working practice is:

  • Comtact’s standard roll out practice is to establish ourselves as experts in our customer’s existing network, LAN and WAN
  • Comtact’s Project Plans are developed taking on-board more than circuit delivery, but encompass interactions with the customer’s internal team and other third parties (particularly incumbent WAN supplier) – this is an integration and not a “connectivity drop”
  • Nominated life cycle Project Manager who has direct control of Comtact’s technical and provisioning resource
  • Proof of Concepts conducted where necessary to ensure zero packet loss cut-over

Through the above outlined approach, we offer a fully risk managed approach towards moving away from the status quo.

Refer to our Introduction to Comtact AXIS Introduction for full understanding of how our Managed Services operate.