Managed & Cloud Contact Centre

After carefully assessing the requirement for a Cloud Contact Centre solution we present to our customers a diverse range of ongoing service options. When suggesting our Managed Model we do so in full consideration with our customer’s in-house capabilities, in some instances the right approach is fully managed, in others Comtact can just provide a minor but hard to acquire internally supplemental resource.

Where the customer’s business is served better by them focusing on maintaining expertise in other domains our Managed Telephony Service certainly provides a better way to deliver business by leveraging Comtact’s expertise and tool-sets (such as proactive monitoring via 24x7x365 NOC). Given the criticality of Contact Centre operations and the very tangible financial losses suffered when they are down our highly SLA focused Contact Centres form a safe alternative to in-house approaches, which even in the largest of organizations are rarely able to achieve the same level of service as a professional NOC based team.

Just like all our Managed Service Platforms, our Contact Centre solutions can be based:

  • On Premise
  • Hosted
  • Cloud
  • Hybrid

Refer to our Introduction to Comtact AXIS Managed Services for a full understanding of how our Managed Services operate.