Comtact AXIS Managed Service Intro

Comtact AXIS defines not just the network and equipment assets that we have available to service our Managed Service accounts, but our total service approach.  As with everything Comtact does, service is the product and not the by-product of powering up equipment and telecoms, however our AXIS platform possesses some extremely powerful tools to deliver efficiently and cost effectively.

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Presuming a AXIS Managed Service is the right fit for our customers, then after carefully assessing the requirement for a solution, Comtact presents to its customers a diverse range of Managed Service options. When suggesting our Managed Model we do so in full consideration with our customer’s in-house capabilities.  In some instances the right approach is fully managed and in others Comtact may provide hard to acquire internal resource, which we can slot into the AXIS framework.

Developed by specialists with first-hand experience of the challenges faced by IT professionals, we appreciate dependable IT is critical to the success of your organisation.  Our fully managed service ethos is to take away the worry of uptime and user experience so that you can focus on growing your business.  We understand changes happen by the minute in IT and represent a challenge for organisations to keep their IT teams up-to-date and knowledgeable to best support their customers.

Our expertise encompasses not only BAU delivery but the resource required for technology evaluation and procurement functions.

4 Stage Approach

Our approach consists of 4 stages, assuming technology selections have been made through earlier stages of interaction.

1. Platform location – We consider the design inputs to establish where the platform should be located and running model. In all instances we will usually leverage at least some of the network and equipment assets from our AXIS platform.  Selections being:

  • On Premises
  • Hosted
  • Cloud
  • Hybrid of all or some of the above

2. Operational Management Model – Essentially, how much service is needed:

  • Comtact Partially Managed – our Maintain Model
  • Comtact Managed – our Operate service
  • Comtact End-to-End Managed – our Optimise Model
3. Service Features – We establish what service tick boxes are enabled in the selected model based on 67 standard ITIL options (which can be extended with bespoke customisations) broken into 11 categories:
  • Support Model – options for service coverage, for example 24x7x365, standard or extended hours on Saturdays
  • Supplier/Contract Management –taking responsibility for managing and controlling all third parties
  • Configuration Management –documenting changes and managing config backups
  • Change Management –applying changes, such as changes or specified numbers per month
  • Incident Management –proactively fixing problems
  • Spares to Site – onsite or remotely managed spares
  • Service Desk – service desk access and ticket updates
  • Service Delivery Management – service review parameters
  • Threshold Management – granular notification of events
  • Performance Management – granular recording and reporting of system performance for short, mid and long term trend analysis
  • Security Management – optional bolt-ons to manage risk

4. Ownership model – This could be entirely Comtact owned (OPEX based), CAPEX based (customer owned), or a combination of both – whatever is most financially desirable.

The end result of this flow is a fit for purpose service offering that provides a refreshing amount of flexibility and transparency that is fully defined. Our ethos is that we are here to help our customers and not tie them in knots or leave them in doubt about the service they will achieve.

… and similar for all other categories (Change Management etc…)