Retail industry continues to provide rich pickings for Cybercriminals

Retail has made many news headlines over the past couple of years – Target. Adobe. AOL. eBay, to name just a few.  2014 was named the year of the mega-breach, but the number of high-profile data leaks continues to grow. According to recent research, the retail industry is a particularly popular target, experiencing 2.7 times the number of attacks of the financial services sector.

Swaths of Personal Data

The large amount of data that retail organisations tend to process and hold, including credit card data and personal information related to loyalty accounts, makes it’s clear why the sector is a key target for cybercriminals.  Coupled with the fact that companies often operate highly distributed environments, with many point-of-sale (POS) systems, also makes the industry highly complex.

Last year, cyberattacks also affected the wider hospitality, leisure and entertainment sector, with several major breaches.  As retail collects large amounts of information, transaction sizes tend to be large. In many of the breaches, however, the properties were not attacked directly, but rather via service providers and retailers operating on hospitality premises, many via POS malware.

As the severity of high-profile hacks on retailers continues, it’s never been more vital that retailers adopt a serious and proactive approach to managing the threat of cybersecurity and put in place measures to not only protect their profits and market position, but their customer’s data, and ultimately a retailer’s greatest asset, trust in their brand’s reputation.

Managed Security Services from Comtact

With the evolution of the threat landscape and the risks to infrastructure and customer data, organisations are facing the real challenge.  Security teams, must protect their business critical information against highly organised and well funded adversary while adapting to the trends of mobile and cloud computing. Comtact’s Full Spectrum Managed Security portfolio is designed to address this challenge head on.  With a suite of services that can help you Protect, Monitor and Manage your information in this rapidly changing environment.

Our Protect services are designed to help you deploy and manage the latest security technologies and ensure that they are delivering full value to your organisation.   Ensuring that systems are working, teams are well trained and the benefit of the Cloud and the broad spectrum of intelligence are working in concert to defend your customers data.

Delivered from our UK SOC in Northampton that resides in our Tier 3 Data Centre for maximum security and resilience, our Monitoring services are designed to function as a complete outsource of internal SOC functions that our clients may have, or to bolster response in particularly critical points of risk.  Our 24x7x365 Monitoring and Remote management delivers a real time response to the issues that your organisation may face today and in the future.

Our Manage services deliver the crucial capabilities that your organisation needs to respond to identified breaches, define security policies and strategies and provide the specialised services that strengthen their security posture, lower their total cost of ownership, reduce operational complexity and deliver measurable reduction in business risk.

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