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Local Government – key target for Cybercriminals & Ransomware attacks

Local Government holds a vast amount of personal information on individuals. This information is used to pay benefits, protect the vulnerable and help them deliver essential services. All this information makes Local Government departments a key target for cyber criminals looking for opportunities to steal data, money and cause widespread disruption.

Despite this high likelihood of cyber-attack, research conducted last year (2015) by Dods Research, concluded only 41 per cent of local government employees believe that their current IT security practices would offer suitable protection against cybercrime.The research surveyed 2,728 local government and police workers across a wide range of disciplines. Almost half indicated a low level of awareness of cyber security and cybercrime across the general workforce.

As seen at the start of 2016, councils have also been blighted by Ransomware attacks when Lincolnshire County Council were forced to close their systems for almost a week, after an email was opened that triggered a malware attack.

Initially thought to have been asked for a £1m ransom, Judith Hetherington-Smith, the council’s chief information officer, said: “We are not going to pay… we wouldn’t pay a ransom fee.”

Don’t risk your Council Reputation – Security & Infrastructure Monitoring as a Managed Service

Comtact has a proven track-record within the public sector – accredited on the G-Cloud framework we are safeguarding UK councils today from the threat of cyber-attacks.

Given the prevalence of threats and that most IT departments within the UK are 8×5, represents a major problem in forming a real-time response.  This is where Comtact’s 24×7×365 Security Operation Centre (SOC) services can assist.  Comtact’s Full Spectrum Managed Security portfolio provides comprehensive security solutions that help our clients assess and proactively manage risk.

Delivered from our UK SOC in Northampton that resides in our Tier 3 Data Centre for maximum security and resilience, our services are designed to function as a complete outsource of internal SOC functions that our clients may have, or to bolster response in particularly critical points of risk.  Through working with us our clients can strengthen their security posture, lower their total cost of ownership, reduce operational complexity and deliver measurable reduction in business risk.


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