Protecting the UK’s education providers from Cybercrime & Downtime

Colleges and universities present fertile ground for cybercriminals.  By their very nature, they promote the spirit of academic openness and operate in a decentralised manner, presenting IT and security professionals with a daunting task in ensuring that systems stay locked down.

Working alongside Jisc to support the Janet network, we understand that safeguarding our higher education institutions from cybercrime is vital if the UK is to remain as one of the world’s top research and innovation destinations.

If UK universities are to continue attracting the best students from both home and abroad, damage to reputation through cyber-attacks and associated data breaches can create a serious threat to their ability to compete for applications and associated funding.

UK Universities already under Cyber-Attack*

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Colleges and universities present fertile ground for cybercriminals.  The vast stores of University personal data and expensive research being a prime target for cybercriminals.  These attacks are not insignificant, ranging from threats to students’ personal information to IP loss.  However, despite the frequency of attacks, most Universities are not prepared to defend themselves.


Security & Infrastructure Monitoring as a Managed Service

Named on the prestigious Jisc framework for Cyber Security web filtering and monitoring, Comtact already works with the UK’s leading education providers and is well positioned to help colleges and universities handle continually emerging threats like mobile (BYOD), building the right IT infrastructure to monitor and prevent cybercrime.

Given the prevalence of threats and that most IT departments within the UK are 8×5, represents a major problem in forming a real-time response.  This is where Comtact’s 24×7×365 Security Operation Centre (SOC) services can assist.  Comtact’s Full Spectrum Managed Security portfolio provides comprehensive security solutions that help our clients assess and proactively manage risk. Delivered from our UK SOC in Northampton that resides in our Tier 3 Data Centre for maximum security and resilience, our services are designed to function as a complete outsource of internal SOC functions that our clients may have, or to bolster response in particularly critical points of risk.  Through working with us our clients can strengthen their security posture, lower their total cost of ownership, reduce operational complexity and deliver measurable reduction in business risk.


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