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Comtact retains a loyal and varied client base across numerous sectors, they include:


“Today’s students quite rightly expect always-on performance; however, with most of them now using around three devices concurrently, we’re effectively dealing with the challenge of supporting upwards of 75,000 user devices concurrently,” explained Gary Bayliss, Head of Service Management at Plymouth University. “Working with Aurora365 (part of Comtact), we’ve been able to keep on refining our infrastructure monitoring approach and are now proactively watching for outage events so that we’re ready to provide the kind of immediate real-time responsiveness that helps us guarantee uptime.”

“For Plymouth University, effective service management is all about mitigation of risk, and Aurora365 has been instrumental in helping us to shape our NOC Culture – ensuring that we’re in a position to react much more quickly when issues arise,” added Gary. “Universities are one of the most demanding IT infrastructure environments, so it’s been particularly important for us to take advantage of Aurora365’s proven NOC expertise to help us really track all the key performance elements that go towards creating a best practice Student IT Experience.”

Gary Bayliss, Head of Service Management at Plymouth University

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“With Comtact we actually discovered we have 4 or 5 major bottlenecks that we didn’t even know existed!   We were able to very quickly identify and fix the problems…”

The RIBA wants to be known for excellence in the promotion of good architecture and demonstrate the economic, social and environmental benefits.  With this vision in mind, the RIBA relies on its IT infrastructure for optimal network performance and reliability.

“I was blown away by Aurora365 (part of Comtact) team, they didn’t just create Infrastructure Monitoring on our LAN but actually incorporated the entire WAN, so I’ve now got one place where I know that I can go and it will give me a full breakdown of everything that’s happened…. I honestly believe that the service is second to none, it really is, it’s made my life an awful lot easier.”

Steve Smith, Head of ICT at the RIBA

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When the global manufacturer Innovia Films signed up to Aurora365 it was expecting a cost-efficient infrastructure monitoring and management service that would help free up valuable IT department time. However, since first deploying Aurora365, Innovia Films has uncovered at least seven unexpected cost, security and risk management benefits as a result of more effective monitoring across the company’s global network.

“With Aurora365 we now enjoy full visibility across all of our switches, giving us a more meaningful understanding of just how our IT infrastructure is configured and a consequent awareness of the likely impact of any changes,” added Paul Carrick, Global Systems Analyst of Innovia. “Whether it’s more effective cost analysis, more efficient operational IT processes, more secure back-ups, or greater online safety, Aurora365 gives us a fantastic overview of our worldwide IT estate – enabling us to make smarter decisions for higher productivity, risk and cost savings going forward.”

Paul Carrick, Global Systems Analyst, Innovia Films

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