Comtact’s team has been hand-picked from Enterprise service providers, including Fujitsu, EDS and Symantec
– to bring Enterprise-grade expertise to the UK mid-market.


  • Dominic List

    Dominic List

    CEO & Founder

    Having already made a success of his first tech company, Dominic founded Comtact Ltd. in 2005. Comtact has since been acknowledged as one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies, consistently delivering exceptional results for clients.

    Throughout the company, Dominic has instilled his customer-led mantra, to continue the incredible success enjoyed to-date.

    With extensive experience in Healthcare technology, Dominic subsequently launched additional ventures with Comtact Healthcare and Carbon Labs.

  • Ian Taylor

    Ian Taylor

    Managing Director

    With extensive experience in technology and managed service businesses as UK General Manager at Forrester Research and Business Director at EDS, Ian ensures we deliver on our customer promises, managing Comtact’s operations, including our specialist technical and project management teams.

    Ian also manages senior client relationships and is ultimately responsible for customer delivery. Customer experience is a critical yardstick for Ian and aims for nothing less than 100%.



  • Joe Bertnick

    Joe Bertnick

    Chief Technical Officer

    Previously Director of Product Management (Data Centre Security) at Symantec, with a career spanning 20 years in Information Technology security, Joe understands the challenges of transforming and securing large organisation’s critical IT infrastructure.

    His exceptional security knowledge and experience with global leaders like Symantec provides an essential understanding of the challenges faced and solutions required by clients. Joe also serves up an exceptional Texas BBQ steak.


  • Greg Bishop

    Greg Bishop

    Head of Service Delivery

    With 15+ years supporting mission critical networks as Verizon’s European Managed Networks & Services Manager, Greg has an unrivalled understanding of Enterprise-level IT infrastructures, with extensive experience in cloud technologies, managed hosting and connectivity services.

    Greg heads up Comtact’s 24x7x365 Network & Security Operations Centre (NOC & SOC), ensuring clients get the most out of their network and security technologies and remain Always On, Always Secure.


  • Neil Simmons

    Neil Simmons

    Service Director

    Previously Global Delivery Change Manager at Fujitsu Global Services, Neil has over a decade of experience leading technical and service IT transformation projects for major UK businesses.

    Having lead the delivery of Marks & Spencer’s automated distribution facility – the largest in Europe, Neil adeptly simplifies complex projects, bringing clarity to our client engagements, whilst ensuring the projects are expertly delivered to our high standards.

    Neil’s role ensures Comtact deliver exceptional service and project management to our clients.


  • Edward Winfield

    Edward Winfield

    Sales Director

    As Head of Northern Europe for Vodafone Global Enterprise, Edward provided secure network and mobility solutions for the UK’s largest and most complex organisations, from the UK multi-nationals, to central government departments, including the NHS.

    With 20+ years enterprise experience, Edward has worked with the largest providers of Cloud, Networking, Mobility and Managed Services to deliver IT services ranging from fully-outsourced IT through to complex transformation projects.


  • Chris Browne

    Chris Browne

    Head of Marketing

    Previously Global Head of Marketing for a leading International technology manufacturer, Chris communicates the knowledge and expertise embedded within Comtact throughout our networks, informing everyone of the great achievements we have delivered for our clients.

    If you have a customer experience you’d like to share, we would love to hear from you.