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Cloud Management Solution Datasheets

Aurora365 – Powerful, Affordable Remote Infrastructure & Cloud Management

Good IT Management starts with knowing where your systems are and how they are performing. Aurora365 provides real-time visibility across your entire IT infrastructure, finding and fixing faults before they impact your business. Download the datasheet to find out more.

Aurora365 – Service Model Options

Aurora365 can be provisioned as Managed Monitoring in Cloud, Managed Monitoring on Premise or a Hybrid of the two.   We also offer the ability for our customers to tap into the expert support of our accredited cloud consultants, acting as on-demand resource whenever and wherever they need it.  This choice enables our customers to select a service model that matches their particular in-house skills profile and coverage needs.


Cyber Security Solution Datasheets

Cyber Security Assessment & Consultancy Services

Assessing your security marks the most important step towards forming an effective defence. Comtact’s expert security assessment services provide visibility of your exposure to security threats and risks, looking at internal prolicies to prevent data loss risks, through to testing your existing cyber defences – and can even unearth evidence of previously undetected malicious activity.

Comtact & Zscaler Cloud Security

World-Class Threat Protection & Policy Control Over All Your Web Traffic.  Zscaler Web Security is a part of our award-winning Security as a Service platform—it sits inline between your company and the Internet, protecting your enterprise from cyber threats, stopping intellectual property leaks, and ensuring compliance with corporate content and access policies. It monitors your network and user activity, secures roaming users and mobile devices, and manages all of this globally from a single management console.

Zscaler Data Loss Prevention

Across the globe, reports of data breaches continue to make headlines.  Traditionally, enterprises address the data breach issue by adding yet another security appliance to the stack at each Internet gateway. Zscaler DLP provides a comprehensive, easy to manage, cost effective solution that prevents data loss.  Zscaler protects users across any device and on any network, to ensure that you meet data security, data privacy and regulatory requirements.

Zscaler Private Access

Zscaler Private Access delivers policy-based, secure access to private applications and assets without the cost, hassle, or security risks of a VPN. Using the Zscaler App, users can now get all of the benefits of Zscaler’s Cloud Security Platform for Internet traffic, as well as granular, policy-based access to internal resources from a single point.


Enterprise Telephony Solution Datasheets

Comtact Assurance

Comtact’s telecoms continuity solution, Comtact Assurance, is the most advanced DDI resilience systems on the market.   By working closely with our customers we have designed a solution that answers our customers’ business needs by providing resilience to a complete DDI range of numbers in moments after a disaster strikes.

ShoreTel Dock for Apple® iPad® and iPhone®

The ShoreTel Dock is the first and only business-grade device that transforms the Apple iPhone and iPad into desk phones for the mobile generation.

ShoreTel Mobility Solution

ShoreTel Mobility extends voice and unified communications (UC) applications to a wide range of mobile platforms including Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia, while integrating with major PBX and UC systems – including Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, ShoreTel and Microsoft.

ShoreTel Mobility for BlackBerry

ShoreTel Mobility enables businesses of all sizes to integrate leading smartphones and tablets (Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS) with existing enterprise communication applications and infrastructure (Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Microsoft, ShoreTel) securely, simply and cost effectively.