Aurora365 protects St Andrew’s to improve Patient Experience

Acknowledged as a world leader in patient care, St Andrew’s has an outstanding relationship with the NHS, their single most important healthcare partner. St Andrew’s ongoing mission is to ensure they continue to deliver quality, innovation and value back to the NHS and maintain their status as a national centre of excellence. Technology has played and continues to play a vital role in achieving the goals St Andrew’s set out to achieve.

“We wanted to set a standard footprint for technology across all our sites, using industry best practice and providing a secure platform for future growth, innovation and patient care.”

St Andrew’s engaged with Aurora to deploy its software as a service monitoring systemto holistically understand its systems performance and availability ahead of a large-scale rationalisation programme.  This rationalisation culminated in an eventual move of the technology from its own premises to Aurora’s primary state-of-the-art UK tier 3 data centre in Northampton.

 St Andrew’s Healthcare – Aurora365 Infrastructure Monitoring Case Study