Unlock your capabilities and remain 'Always On'.

Delivering the ‘Always On’ IT experience demanded by today’s connected users is no longer desirable – it is essential to avoid critical business losses due to service interruption.


Comtact's state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre (NOC) powers and empowers the UK's leading organisations, proactively monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure 24x7x365 to unlock your full capabilities and free-up IT resource - at the fraction of the cost and without the risk of setting up your own operation.

From the UK’s recognised SolarWinds experts

Single, secure dashboard view of your entire IT estate

Eliminate downtime, safeguard critical IT and improve user experience.

Monitored, managed and supported 24x7x365 from our ISO27001-accredited NOC.

Only pay for what you need - low total cost of ownership. No hidden costs.

Large in-house of team of SolarWinds-certified Professionals

Tailored service options with SLAs down to 15 minutes proactive human response.

Out Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Everything managed for you

We do everything to set-up, configure, and manage your IT monitoring activities, from configuring alerts to reduce 'noise', optimising your network/bandwidth utilisation, or resolving critical outages - 24x7x365.

So you can focus on supporting your organisation, knowing your IT monitoring is being expertly managed.

Easily monitor the services that matter

See the right events at the right time. We prioritise what you need to see, allowing you to focus on what’s important.

With 24x7x365 monitoring, we can resolve many issues before you’re even aware a problem exists.

SolarWinds IT Monitoring Platform

Network Performance Monitoring

Quickly detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance problems and outages – before you start getting calls asking if the network is down.

Network Traffic

Who is using up your network bandwidth? Monitor bandwidth use to see which users, application, and protocols are consuming the most bandwidth.

Server and Application Monitoring

Easily monitor server and applications performance, with deep visibility across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments (including Active Directory®, SQL Server®, and Exchange).

Network Configuration Management

Centrally manage all your multi-vendor devices and reduce configuration errors. Improve network reliability using change monitoring, alerting, configuration backup, and rollback.

Web Performance Monitoring

Website or apps running slow? Do you use Office365, Salesforce.com or SharePoint? See website issues coming before they impact the user.

many more specialist modules

Easy budgeting. Transparent pricing. No surprises.

Only pay for what you need. Comtact’s transparent pricing is tailored to the unique requirements of your organisation.





SolarWinds Modules

Network Performance Monitoring

Server & Application Monitoring


Web Performance Monitoring


Network Traffic Analyser


Network Configuration Management


Managed Services

Consultancy Advice

Design & Deployment


Customised Dashboards, Alerts, & Reports








24x7x365 Support

SLA Response Time

8 Hours

2 Hours

1 Hour

30 minutes

Managed Services for SolarWinds

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Utilising SolarWinds’ formidable IT monitoring platform, Comtact’s award-winning Managed Services for SolarWinds provides a consolidated, single dashboard view of your entire IT estate – whether Server, Network, or Cloud – monitored, managed and supported 24x7x365 from our Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Northampton, UK.


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