What is a Vulnerability Scan and does my company need one?

By Comtact October 19, 2017

A vulnerability scan is a technical security assessment which uses a set of tools to scan the..

Cyber Essentials vs Cyber Essentials PLUS: What's the Difference?

By Comtact October 17, 2017

In order to adopt good practices in information security, the UK government Department for..

Network optimisation helps CSPs stave off the capacity crunch

By suzanne October 17, 2017

15th July 2015 - VanillaPlus  -  Network optimisation helps CSPs stave off the capacity crunch...

Running university network is like dealing with the ICT infrastructure of a “small town”

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9th December 2015 - Networking Plus Magazine - Running university network is like dealing with the..

Health Investor Magazine - A new dawn? Will 2016 will finally be the year medtech really takes off?

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22nd February 2016 - Health Investor Magazine - A new dawn? Candesic’s Michelle Tempest asks if..

Dominic List comments on Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

By suzanne October 17, 2017

June Issue 2015 - Networking Plus Magazine -  Without an effective business continuity and recovery..

Comtact Ltd's CEO interviewed by Tech Talks as part of London Tech Week

By suzanne October 17, 2017

London, 2nd August 2016:  Our CEO and founder, Dominic List is interviewed by Tech Talks as part of..

What’s the difference between a Vulnerability Scan and a Penetration test?

By Comtact July 18, 2017

Vulnerability scans, or vulnerability assessments are often confused with a Penetration test –..

GDPR - Essential information for IT security professionals

By Comtact July 5, 2017

With the forthcoming introduction of the EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May..

Petya ransomware attack spreads across Europe

By Comtact June 27, 2017

Firms worldwide, major government departments and government infrastructure have been hit by yet..

Part 3: 5 Steps to Defend Against a Ransomware Attack

By Comtact June 14, 2017

In Part 3 and final post in our Ransomware series, we take a look at how to defend against a..

Ransomware, part 2: The role of cloud sandboxing in ransomware protection

By Comtact May 26, 2017

In PART 2 of our 3-part series on Ransomware, we look at the role of Sandboxing in ransomware..